Finnish Startup Company M2Talent Ltd has made a significant agreement with Dubai based Potters Wheel Investment LLC. Co-operation enables M2Talent´s Mazhr service to be launched in the entire Middle East and North Africa region (MENA). The region is going through a major structural change and the need of finding suitable talents is huge.


M2Talent launches Mazhr service to the region, which narrows the gap between employers and skilled workers significantly. The aim of the States on region is to develop new sources of income in different sectors and to exploit the opportunities brought by digitalization. Labour mobility within the MENA region and to the region is remarkable. This provides a great market potential to Mazhr service.

Mazhr is globally scalable mobile service, which helps in career planning and job seeking. It is an Intelligent Career Assistant. Service helps job seekers to find and apply openings matching their potential, not only for CV based information. Employers can quickly and cost-effectively find suitable candidates for their open positions.

”This is a tremendous opportunity for us to reach, not only in MENA in the region, but also the global market. Potters Wheel Investment has operations in 53 countries and is a very good partner for us. Dubai is an interesting international business hub, which is a good place to start internationalization ”, says M2Talent Ltd ’s CEO Mikko Armila.

”We are really optimistic for the partnership with M2Talent and bring Mazhr service to UAE and MENA region. I know that we will create a lot of hope in our society and successful business in the area together. UAE and especially Dubai provides a great channel to start such a great global service”, says Sina Fattahi, CEO/Vice-Chairman, Potters Wheel Group.

M2Talent is co-operating with University of Jyväskylä for exploiting possibilities of cognitive technology and data analytics to further develop Mazhr service. M2Talent has also been selected by IBM to the Global Entrepreneurship program, which supports the IBM Watson enabled services.

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