M2Talent Ltd and AppGyver Ltd, the developer of low-coding full-stack app platform, have signed an agreement on co-operation. The agreement includes global co-operation of development and distribution of Mazhr service to corporate customers.

Mazhr is a globally scalable mobile service primarily designed for individuals for career planning and job seeking. The service will be launched in Middle East and North- Africa (MENA area) by the end of this year, in co-operation with M2Talent`s partner Potters Wheel Investment LLC. (UAE)

appgyver_logoSolutions developed by AppGyver enables M2Talent to adapt Mazhr service to needs and requirements of companies operating in MENA area and offer them tailored solutions cost effectively. Mazhr for corporates is a tool for both internal and external recruitment processes. For AppGyver this co-operation opens up an access to big lucrative MENA market area.

“AppGyver is an agile business partner and by using their tools, our service development for 2B2B customers is fast and easy. AppGyver provides us solutions, which enables us to come up with unique and tailored mobile applications for internal and external recruitment processes of corporates. AppGyver´s solutions are designed for global markets, which is vital for us. In addition, they have partnership with IBM to exploit Watson, artificial intelligence. As we are a member of IBM Global Entrepreneurship Program, it makes co-operation even more interesting. ”says Janne Vainio, CEO of M2Talent Oy.

“Global development and distribution agreement of Mazhr gives us an opportunity to show our knowhow and introduce our innovative solutions in MENA area. This co-operation provides us a true win-win opportunity when expanding to global markets.” states Marko Lehtimäki, CEO of AppGyver.

Tailored Mazhr -applications for corporates will be marketed and sold as part of AppGyvers service portfolio as well as part of other M2Talent`s distribution partners and M2Talent´s own portfolio.

For further information:

Janne Vainio, +35840o4oo171, janne.vainio(at)m2talent.fi

Marko Lehtimäki, +358404877000, marko.lehtimaki(at)AppGyver.com