M2Talent Oy has started a service development project with University of Jyväskylä. Purpose of the project is to exploit possibilities of cognitive technology and data analytics to further develop Mazhr® – service. The project is implemented in cooperation with the faculty of Information Technology.

MAZHR sign inThe project is testing and exploring the possibilities of AI and big data analyses to add value in individuals career planning and job hunting process. Using advanced data-analytics in further developing algorithm of Mazhr®, the service quality and experience is taken to a new level. Students of Information Technology faculty are also piloting the service. IBM Watson AI cloud is the chosen technology platform.

M2Talent Oy has chosen University of Jyväskylä to the development partner as it is part of IBM`s global Academic Network in Watson AI development Program and M2Talent Oy is a member of IBM Global Entrepreneur Partner program.

Mazhr® is globally scalable mobile service, which helps in career planning and job seeking. Mazhr® is “Intelligent Assistant for career planning and job seeking in your pocket”.


More information:

Jane Moilanen, Founding Partner