European Commission has warned that by the end of 2015, about 900,000 information and communications technology vacancies may go unfilled in the EU area. Further the jobs occupied by highly-qualified people are expected to rise by 16 million between 2010 and 2020 in the EU area.

shutterstock_127979021On several markets, people are there, but there aren´t the right people – those with verified potential and competences. According to Eurofound survey, 40 percent of companies reported difficulty in finding workers with the right skills.  Despite the high unemployment rates, the talent shortage in the EU´s expected growth sectors include e.g. software developers and coders, engineers, project and product managers, product developers, and research professionals. Over 70 % of employers are concerned the skills gap will impact their ability to grow business.

The solution for inevitable mismatch is digitalization. Even though fast technology advancements have begun disrupt recruiting industry, the major players on digital service market are targeting operations on traditional and most productive target groups – professionals well established in career life. The needs of young talent´s looking for first major job position remains unnoticed. The cost to European economy of not being able to engage brilliant young people into labour market is huge. Obvious brain waste is unnecessary.

M2Talent is developing a new job search service that will help young job seekers  to identify and verify one´s potential and find job openings matching best personal competences and preferences. New application called Mazhr will definitely improve employment of young people and other disadvantaged groups in Europe and narrow the accelerating gap between growing amount of job seekers and job vacancies. Awaited era of non-discriminating recruitment process will be here soon.

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