The MAZHR® mobile application is a non-discriminatory social media job search service. A result of Finnish innovation, MAZHR® matches the most suitable applicants to a company’s network; as fans, friends and potential employees. The progression of digitalization, social media, analytics and the widespread adoption of smartphones are leading to improvements to the existing models of recruitment & selection and job search processes. MAZHR® is a pioneer, and at the forefront of leading this change.

According to the European Statistical Office, the European unemployment rate is over 10%, whereas for young, under 25-year-olds, the rate is more than 25%. Today, many companies search for educated talents using traditional recruitment methods, without reaching them. These recent European graduates and talents, are the main MAZHR® target group.

What should the job application process be like?

Studies have shown that the traditional job-hunting process is slow and lacks objectivity and transparency. There is a breakdown of communication during the recruitment process. MAZHR® changes this, bringing forth a new era.

We investigated what the future job search and application process should look like, both for applicants and the companies. In general, job search processes are inefficient, because today’s active mobile lifestyle and applicants real potential are not taken into account sufficiently. It is also difficult to match job applicant and employer needs with traditional methods. To meet this need, we established the MAZHR® service, Chairman of the Board, Co-Founder Mikko Armila says.

With the MAZHR® service, job seekers can instead of browsing hundreds of advertisements, easily identify the most suitable open job vacancies and opportunities for which to apply for. Users can accept or reject available jobs conveniently by a swipe or tap on their mobile device. Job seekers are also able to increase their market value and self-knowledge e.g. by taking high-quality assorted online tests. The service keeps both the job seeker and employer informed of the application process in real-time. It shows the user both career and job opportunities, and for employers it displays the most suitable candidates and matches these two parties together, if both parties so desire.

Special attention has been given to the service design and usability of MAZHR® by having users actively involved in the development of the service.

We are building a global and easy-to-use tool that will help personal career planning and job search. MAZHR® is a personal Career Coach that is always in your pocket, Mikko Armila reiterates.

MAZHR® is an innovation by M2 Talent Oy which is funded by private investors, Finnvera and Tekes. The company is preparing for the next phase of growth and is seeking for investors for the internationalization of MAZHR® . The founders of the service, Mikko Armila, Jane Moilanen and Janne Vainio are highly experienced mobile and digital services professionals with a proven track record of new business development, commercialization and marketing.

Mikko Armila
+358 40 830 8880

M2Talent Oy (Ltd) is a Finnish company founded in 2012, which develops services that help individuals identify their strengths and apply these at companies quicker and cost-effectively. MAZHR® is M2Talent’s new, global social media job search service.


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